Arve River AR007E

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The great and extensive area of the Southern Forests is a large area along the edge between the Southwest Wilderness World Heritage Area to the west and rural areas to the east.

Tall eucalypt clad forests blanket the landscape with the backdrop of pristine and wild unscarred wild areas beyond.

The forests under threat here are vital carbon stores in rich soils and vibrant gullies of tall tree ferns and understories of rainforest remnant Gondwanan relics tucked away in the dark. From Lune River to Esperance and Kermandie Divide, over to the Arve and Picton Valleys to the Franklin, Barnback, Russell, Denison forests.

Logging here has fragmented some of the landscape, exposing the steep erodible slopes to fire and pushing wildlife to the edge of extinction. However, there are still tracts of forests that have not been logged before and comprise ancient ecosystems.

Critically endangered Swift Parrots frequent these areas in breeding cycles from the Esperance River Catchment, through Kermandie Divide, up into the Arve and across the Huon River to the pocket of native forests in Barnback, Russel and Denison River areas. In this forest, Swift Parrots thrive predominantly on Eucalyptus Globulus and nest in the vast but fractured pockets of remaining old hollow-bearing trees, high up in the canopies of some of the tallest trees in the world.

Arve River AR007E